hello, vegan enthusiast!

I'm Janani- A vegan lifestyle coach and recipe developer.

eating well is hard

It should not take a certification in nutrition to navigate healthy and conscious eating. And yet it does. I hold that certificate in vegan nutrition from the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies. I went through the intensive so that you don’t have to. I combed through the scientific literature, studies, trials, and keep up with the latest research so that you don’t have to.

I got you.

I’ve been there. People thought I was crazy for being a vegetarian. I got all the typical questions, plus more. Then when I slowly went vegan people again lost their s***. I knew I had to find a way to address these questions in a logical and evidence based way. So I created the Root Yourself course for the vegan and plant based curious community.

In it, you will find nutrition broken down into bite sized chunks (pun intended!) so that it never gets overwhelming. You will also find a lifestyle guide to help you in whatever step of the transition you are on.

I’ve got you!

I have been studying vegan nutrition for several years and with my certification know that I can help you learn and make more informed choices.

You realize you need a no BS guide to plant based eating, and a sustainable way of doing so.

You have come to the right place.

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Here’s what you get…


Plant based transition course

5 comprehensive modules on how to sustainably go vegan, nutrition breakdown, and fad myth busting

Vegan Indulgences Roundup

Get my BONUS vegan sweet treats and junk food checklist

Personal email support!

Email me for a free week of email coaching

Updates and Additions

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Plant Based Alternative Checklist

Have all the best plant based dairy and meat alternatives in a neat list so you can get shopping.

My personal grocery checklist

Hack the grocery store with my tips, tricks, and checklists to get everything you need each week.


But don’t just take it from me…

Here’s what people have to say about working with me

“Janani is incredibly creative...she uses unique ingredients to make the recipes more appealing.”

— Dr. Aruna Chinnakotla, MD and Certified Fitness Instructor

“In today's society, plant-based eating is on the rise and can be overwhelming. Yet, Janani knows how to bridge the gap between those who WANT to make a lifestyle change, to those who DO!”

— Michael Henri, Physiotherapist and Yoga Injury Prevention Coach


What are you getting out of this?

THis course is for you if you want…
  • To learn from a certified plant based nutrition graduate
  • A thorough understanding of whole foods plant based nutrition
  • To reduce your carbon footprint on the planet, but need step by step guidance
  • To extend compassion to all living beings and make kinder choices

If you answered YES to any of the bullet points above, this course is for you. You already understand that lifestyle changes take time, but you are willing to make small changes to your every day life to create sustainable change.

Still on the fence?

Here’s the deal. I’m throwing in email coaching as well as my personal grocery checklists, completely free of charge. That’s completely excluding the value of the course. So I’d like to hook you up with all these freebies. Why? Because I’m nice like that and realize the pandemic isn’t helping anyone’s situation. So I’m giving you all the value at a discount before the price goes up.

Don’t sleep on this- sign up below! See you on the other side.

Love, Janani


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