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Hello, plant based enthusiast!

I’m Janani! I’m a plant based recipe developer and lifestyle coach!

Here’s what’s up…

Navigating the food and nutrition field is hard enough. Am I getting enough protein, carbs, fiber, fats? Not to mention avoiding all the nasty stuff you find in packaged foods in grocery stores. I’m looking at you, preservatives, excessive sodium, and artificial flavors!

But really what makes things a thousand times worse is hearing absolute BS from advertisements and the food industry. And then you’re two steps behind where you even started and totally confused.

Does milk really do the body good? Do we need meat for protein? Are carbs really the enemy? Am I going to die of nutrient deficiency?

Let me be completely clear here. The answer is a resounding NO to all of these questions.

But you’re having a hard time cutting through the crap.

That is, after all, why you are here.

You realize you need a no BS guide to plant based eating, and a sustainable way of doing so.

You have come to the right place!

Excited yet?!

Here’s what you get…


Plant based transition course

4 comprehensive modules on plant based nutrition, common myth busting, unraveling fad diets, finding your way around restaurant menus, and more!

Bonus Module!

Bonus module, teaching you to cook 10 special recipes!

Personal email support!

Free personal email support for 1 month! Ask me anything about plant based nutrition, cooking, advice, or wholesome meal ideas!

Exclusive access into our Facebook group!

Join our wonderful and constantly growing community for an additional support system! Ask all your nutrition and recipe related questions and receive feedback and help 🙂

Plant Based Alternative Checklist

Have all the best plant based dairy and meat alternatives in a neat list so you can get shopping!

My personal grocery checklist

Hack the grocery store with my tips, tricks, and checklists to get everything you need each week!

But don’t take it from me…

Here’s what people have to say about working with me!

“[Janani] knows how to bridge the gap between those who WANT to make a healthy lifestyle change, to those who DO!”Michael Henri, Health Coach and Diabetes Expert

  • “[Janani] is incredibly creative…she uses unique ingredients to make the recipes more appealing.” – Dr. Aruna Chinnakotla, MD, Medical Doctor and Certified Fitness Instructor

  • “[Janani] has a natural intuition… Her approach has helped me become a more informed shopper and meal planner.” – Ryan Avella, Engineer

Is this for me?

Now you are probably wondering if this is the right option for you. Let me explain more so you can find out!

THis course is for you if…
  • You want to make a positive impact on your health, but have no idea how to sift through the garbage on social media
  • You understand that animal agriculture is quite literally destroying our planet and want to take action
  • You have seen the true horrors of what actually happens on factory farms and can’t stand the idea of supporting the industry

If you answered YES to any of the bullet points above, this course is for you. You already understand that lifestyle changes take time, but you are willing to make small changes to your every day life to create sustainable change.

So where are we?

Here’s the deal. I’m throwing in email coaching as well as giving you an exclusive “in” into our Facebook group, completely free of charge! That’s completely excluding the value of the course. So I’d like to hook you up with all these freebies for only the fraction of the original price of the course. Why? Because for a limited time, I am running a beta version of this course, just to work out some kinks. So I’m giving you all the value at a discount before the price goes up!

But my point is, I am only keeping this offer open for only a limited number of people who are seriously ready to jumpstart a plant based lifestyle.

Snag all these freebies while you still can!

If you’re a HELL YES, sign up below! I’m so excited to have you! See you on the other side!

Love, Janani


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