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Alright, let’s talk vegan nutrition! You’re going to get the lowdown on how to get all your basic nutritional needs from plant based sources! Let’s bust some crazy “vegans are weak and deficient” myths!

Let’s get down with cooking! Learn how to make easy and delicious recipes, that are completely EXCLUSIVE to you!

Game the grocery store! Easily navigate the grocery store and know exactly what to buy with my BONUS grocery store checklist!

Treat yourself to some delicious vegan indulgences! All vegan brands and indulgences are wrapped up in a nice PDF checklist BONUS for you to get some guilt free treats!

Never struggle again at a restaurant! I teach you how to game the restaurant situations- EVEN WHEN THERE ARE NO LISTED VEGAN OPTIONS!

Create sustainable lifestyle change! I teach you how to work on mindset and create sustainable change in your life- NO JUDGEMENT, NO BS!